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Graphic Video shows Police Van Crushing into 2 people – Viewers Discretion Adviced

Police van strikes 2 pedestrians

Firstly, our prayers to all the victims of such an unusual incident!

Horror is when you decide to go out for a little shopping and being careful not to catch COVID-19 but as soon as you are out chaos awaits you.

In a video doing rounds on social media, shows a police car losing control and flying off the road to crush 2 people who were standing out of the road.

We are not sure as to what caused the crash or where it occurred but the WhatsApp video we saw shows exactly what happened to the 2 unsuspecting individuals hit by the flying police car.

Before you watch the video below make sure there are not any kids around, Watch:

More to follow…

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Nomsa Buthelezi

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Source: News365, WhatsApp