Evaton cops slapping woman

South Africans have been left furious by footage uploaded on social media, and two Evaton SAPS officers are accused of enforcing police brutality.

Two officers stationed in Evaton, Gauteng, will face an internal investigation after footage of the pair dragging a woman across the floor and slapping her in the face was uploaded on social media.

The clip has already received hundreds of shares, and thousands of views. It begins with a struggle in the doorway of the Evaton branch, with two officers using heavy-handed treatment to restrain the woman.

There’s also a verbal confrontation that is hard to interpret, but it seems that the Emfuleni-based resident is claiming she had previously been beaten by the cops who have a hold of her on each arm.

What sparked it all off?

Certainly, the law enforcement officials did very little to dismiss claims that they were man-handling the woman. The victim is dragged across the floor of the police station towards the cells, and she’s left livid by the humiliation of it all. An officer on her right-hand side then slaps her twice across the face. The footage ends in ambiguous circumstances.


The matter is made particularly difficult because of the lack of context that comes with the supplied video. Whereas the police staff will argue the woman was resisting arrest, there could be mitigating circumstances which gave her a valid reason to try and fight back. And, in all honesty, the slaps were beyond the pale.

SAPS promise to investigate Evaton scuffle

However, what’s not uncertain is the fact that the SA Police Service (SAPS) are taking these accusations seriously. They have issued a statement replying to the viral clip, promising to “deal with things decisively”. The group will now have to police two of their own, to decide if disproportionate forced was used.

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Source: The South African