“Podcast and Chill” postpones big Celebration

Mac G’s Road to 1 Million Subscribers celebration has been postponed.

Early this year, Mac and Sol Phenduka talked about the growth of the YouTube channel, which is currently close to a million.

To mark the milestone, the organizers announced a concert which ought to hold on the 15th of April.

“Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to (experience) ‘Podcast and Chill’ like never before! We are thrilled to announce that Africa’s number one podcast will be celebrating a milestone of 1 million subscribers on YouTube at the SunBet Arena on April 15th, 2023. This historic event will feature a live recording of the podcast, as well as performances by some of South Africa’s top entertainers…”

However, a new date has been moved as the ticket sale is slow and the channel is yet to hit 1 million subscribers.

The new date is 30th of July, 2023z


In Other News- Cotton Fest to debut in Durban This July

The festival Cotton Fest is set to take place on July 2 from noon at the Kings Park Stadium Outer Field.

Cotton Fest

“Durban has always been a city that openly embraces and supports music and youth culture. Learn more