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Murder accused Pitch Black Afro claims police are using him as scapegoat

Pitch Black Afro

Rapper Pitch Black Afro, whose real name is Thulani Ngcobo, has theorised that Yeoville police did a shoddy job on investigating the cause of his wife’s killing and then pinned it on him.

Ngcobo took to the stand on Wednesday at the South Gauteng High Court, Johannesburg, to testify in his defence against the charges of murder and defeating the ends of justice he faces.

He was arrested seven days after his wife Catherine Modisane died at a Yeoville bed and breakfast.

Modisane died on 31 December 2018 in the room she leased with her husband and the State maintained that Ngcobo beat her to death.

An autopsy indicated that Modisane succumbed to severe head injuries inflicted with a blunt object. She had injuries on the thighs, hands, and fingers. She also had a black eye.

The State argued that Ngcobo inflicted these deadly injuries during a physical fight with his wife.

Pleading not guilty, Ngcobo denied that he inflicted the fatal injuries on Modisane.

“I’m saying police officers are using me as the scapegoat,” the rapper told the court. “I’m being blamed for something that I did not do.”

Ngcobo told the court that he did not beat his wife. “If I assaulted her… where’s the object that I assaulted her with?”

He said he believed that Modisane was beaten at the flat of the friend she was drinking with.

It was common cause that Ngcobo and Modisane drank alcohol with the friend and his wife until late on 30 December 2018.

While Ngcobo left to go sleep, Modisane remained with the friend and his wife. The time in which she finally joined Ngcobo in bed was in dispute.

While Ngcobo maintained Modisane returned to the room at about 2am, the friend testified in the court that he accompanied her at about 12 midnight.

Ngcobo went to call this friend and wife for assistance when he experienced problems with Modisane on the morning of 31 December 2018.

She was declared dead later that morning after paramedics found her body on the bed.

“My theory is that she was injured at Herbert’s house and they are trying to protect themselves,” said Ngcobo. “Police did not go investigate there. They didn’t do their job properly. They are using me as the scapegoat.”

Prosecutor Matshiliso Moleko pressed on what be the investigating officer’s motive for lying.

“She didn’t do her work in a proper way,” Pitch Black Afro replied. “That’s why I believe I’m here as a scapegoat. She didn’t do her job.”

Moleko pushed further if the bloodied towel and takkies found in the scene were another fabrication by police. Ngcobo said he wanted to see that evidence brought before the court.

Asked Moleko: “So, everyone that came to testify is lying except you?”

Ngcobo replied that camera footage depicting events at the bed and breakfast, Yeoville police station and Johannesburg Magistrates Court cells would assist the court come to a correct finding.

“The footage will be my only witness. I don’t have any witnesses,” he said.

Ngcobo will return to the dock on Thursday.

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