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Pics of Uzalo’s dramatic polygamous wedding

Uzalo 12

Local soap Uzalo has a spectacular drama-filled wedding episode coming soon as Nonka and Sphilile enter a polygamous marriage without their knowledge.

Move magazine spoke to the Uzalo actors to find out more about the upcoming wedding between Sibonelo (played by Wiseman Mncube), Nonka (Thuthuka Mthembu) and Sphilile (Tee Xaba).

Thuthuka is 21 years old and currently doing her third year at Afda.

“Sibonelo is unfortunately the man Nonka loves, and the heart wants what it wants a lot of the time. Nonka doesn’t know she’s going to enter a polygamous marriage. Sibonelo has his issues and has cheated before but they’re finally at a point where they’re going to commit to each other. She loves him and she’s not aware of the real circumstances,” Thuthuka says.

“I have grown to love acting so much,” the actress tells us. “It is a very enjoyable thing to do – doing something you are passionate about – and has been a great teacher for me. I never expected to act at the level I’m at right now. I get to go on set and do something that challenges me to be better than I was the day before.”

Wiseman’s character is a young man who is troubled by his relationship with his father.

“I don’t think his heart is actually in the right place. For Sibonelo, the whole thing is to prove a point to his father, Nkunzi. To show him that whatever he did, [Sibonelo] can do better. He honestly loves Nonka but Sphilile is there for him to relieve stress and forget the problems he has with Nonka,” Wiseman explains.

“From playing the character of Sibonelo I have learnt that proving a point doesn’t pay. Being someone else to impress someone or to show off doesn’t pay off. I learnt that you should do things that reflect who you truly are and believe in yourself. But what I do like about his character is that he calls a spade a spade, he does not sugar coat. I believe you should always be honest about what you feel,” he adds.

“I love what I do, I love being on set and being with creatives. When we’re not shooting, we sit down and brainstorm. We share ideas about the arts industry and how we can grow and help one another advance in our careers.

“Outside of work I spend a lot of time with my daughter, playing with her, listening to her stories and telling her stories. I enjoy spending time with my daughter,” he adds.

Tee (22) says she enjoys playing her character. “Sphilile is at an age in her life where she needs to settle down, and this is her chance. She feels as though she needs to settle. She lets a lot of things slide and it’s partially because she’s been through a lot and she doesn’t want to have to start a new relationship with someone else,” Tee says.

“I feel there will be a lesson learnt with this character. She’s on a journey of self-discovery which a lot of women go through in relationships, where they put up with a lot of things. I’m learning a lot through her about life and what can happen in life. Her character will make a lot of women ask, ‘Am I going through this?’ And it will encourage them to leave,” she adds.

“With Covid-19 being a constant threat – we get tested for temperatures every other second, there’s sanitiser in every single corner – I do have concerns when it comes to my health and safety but I’m doing the best I can.

“Outside of work, I’m a church girl. I love God,” the actress shares. “I’m obsessed with my mom, I love my partner and I am a family-orientated person. I’m an ambivert – as much as I love interacting I love curling into my own space too.”