Phat Joe and Palesa have welcomed their baby girl

Phat Joe and his fiancée Palesa Morgan have welcomed their baby girl and Palesa couldn’t hide her excitement.

The celebrity couple has been sharing their anticipation on social media as they waited for their baby girl’s arrival, whose due date was May 31.

After waiting for their bundle of joy, Palesa took to her Insta to explain her absence from the social streets. She said that she was busy being a mommy.

Phat Joe and palesa Morgan

“She is here… if you are wondering where I have been I’ll be back soon… Just out here being her mommy,” an excited Palesa said.
It seems like just yesterday when Phat Joe revealed they were expecting a little girl in an Instagram post after Palesa’s baby shower.

Phat Joe and Palesa Morgan

“It’s a baby girl!!! Due date 31 May!!! Thank you to everyone who’s been supportive, and salute to the baby shower team. And to my beloved wife… I love you,” Phat Joe said at the time.

Now she’s here! We hope she’s everything you thought she would be!

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