People fainting all over because of King Monada’s Malwedhe

People fainting all over because of King Monada’s Malwedhe. Move over, Vosho, there’s a new dance in Mzansi. We don’t know about you, but we were very shocked after seeing videos of a new dance move all over the internet in the last couple of days. In the dance, people literally fall to the ground, and then get back up, only to fall again. Sounds a bit dangerous to us, hey.

King Monada has done it again, y’all. This time, the Limpopo artist, who rose to fame after releasing his track Ska Bhora Moreki in 2016, is back with another hit.

King Monada

The new craze is all thanks to King Monada’s new song titled Malwedhe. If you’re wondering what the song is about, and why people are falling, here’s a translation:

The track has inspired the #MalwedheChallenge.




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