KING Monada’s latest hit got fans fainting: Pics & Video

KING Monada’s latest hit got fans fainting: Pics & Video. The single, which means disease, has become the toast of the internet.

KING Monada is at it again and has come out lyrics blazing. His latest hit Malwedhe even has fans “fainting”. The song talks about a person who gets a disease when his or her partner cheats, resulting in the person fainting.

King Monada

In one verse, King Monada sings: “If you cheat I faint. If you don’t come home I faint. If your phone is off I faint. “If I call and a nyatsi answers I faint, and if you don’t give me money I faint.”

The hit has seen people around the country posting videos of themselves pretending to faint to the lyrics of the song.

Some record videos of themselves playing the single and pretending to faint in their cars, while another video of people at a tavern also fainting while others cheer for them has gone viral.

King Monada told Daily Sun he hadn’t expected the single to be a hit. “I don’t know what to say to my fans, but I’m overwhelmed by their love.

“Most of my songs are funny because I love jokes. “My fans will dance more this December and this time we’re going to faint on stage.”King Monada Fans

King Monada’s songs are inspired by the funny things that happen to people. His fans commented on social media. Queen Malatsi (23) said: “We’re going to faint a lot this festive season.”

Tlou Ya Satekge posted on Facebook: “Malwedhe hit by King Monada will force us to stop lending people our clothes. “Imagine someone fainting wearing your Redbat clothes.”

Watch Video Below:

Source: Daily Sun



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