Here is why lot of people cheat in September

The month of September has a lot of sentiments to it. From being declared the beginning of spring to the beginning of a new year – September is often deemed a month of new beginnings.

While many things begin to blossom this month, another trend also sadly follows suit.

According to recent trends, a lot of people seem to cheat in their relationships during September.

According to, a lot of couples experience partners who cheat on them during this month.

The publication reports a surge in cheating, according to dating site

It reports that couples return from holiday, and want to start their post-pandemic life by straying from their partners.

Research shows that autumn abroad shows a spike in affairs every year due to post-holiday effects.

The website also claims that the record number of couples will return from a summer break looking for a new partner after becoming fed up with their other half.

The site further reveals that during September, when a lot of people return to their respective jobs, workplace affairs are also very common.

After a survey of 2 000 site members of was conducted, 78% said the return to the office and a move away from working from home would make it easier to have an affair.

A further 54% of couples have reassessed their relationships during the pandemic.

Furthermore, September, followed by January and February, are the top months when people sign up on the website.

The survey further revealed that 34% of women and 32% of men felt less passion for their partners post the pandemic.

S.e.x and relationship expert Jessica Leoni agreed that September was a busy month for lovers.

“September is always the busiest month of the year for affairs, and that is why we call it S.e.x-tember,” said Jessica.

-daily sun

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