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Pearl Thusi blasted as she tries to steal Mpho Popps’ moment to shine


Comedian, actor, businessman, cool dad extraordinaire, Mpho Popps Modikoane is more than what the eyes meet.His journey began like anyone with a “big dream”, in the casting line on the national comedy search tv show “So You Think You Are Funny”. This platform gave him the audience he needed to put himself out there as a serious comic.

Mpho Popps

Yesterday the comedian took to twitter to celebrate some of his work that was being aired on Mzansi Magic. Mpho says he feels so blessed and according to his mum now he has made it.


All the noise started when Pearl Thusi decided to make a rather awkward comment instead of just congratulating Mpho on his milestone.

Pearl Thusi response to Mpho Pops

And the Twitter police would not have this as they where left wondering why Pearl Thusi wants to make this all about her…….where does she fit in???? Why does she want to steal Mpho’s moment to shine.





Let us know what you think…was Pearl’s comment somewhat inappropriate??

Or is this a marketing strategy???