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Partners comment on the pull out system during S.E.X

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Now comes the question: is it time to pull out before you ejaculate and avoid risking pregnancy? The S.E.X is hot and the climax is near.

Daily Sun spoke to some men about their views on pulling their 4-5 out before the cl!max, a well-known method of birth control. One said: “I think pulling out is a waste of time. The point is to enjoy the s.e.xual experience, if I pull out then there is no point of having s.e.x.”

Another agreed: “I do not pull out. Imagine if you are in the heat of the moment and you are on cloud 9 and your partner is gripping you, then you have to pull out! It’s hard to pull out when you’re having so much fun.”

But others are super cautious about avoiding pregnancy. “There is nothing wrong with pulling out but nothing is 100%. I still pull out even if I have a c0nd0m on,” said another.

But will sacrificing that moment of pleasure of coming into your lover guarantee she won’t get pregnant anyway?

According to experts, pulling out is not 100% safe. This is because a man ejects pre-ejaculate fluid during s.e.x. The pre-ejaculate fluid is just a few drops, but even this little still contains at least 300 000 sperm.

Still, pulling your 4-5 out before [email protected] does go a long way to reducing your chances of getting pregnant, if this is what you are trying to avoid.

Source: Daily Sun