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Another students threes0me S.E.Xtape in class goes viral

Mzansi Students

The video shows two boys and a girl having a threes0me at school. Although the school is rumoured to be in North West, the education department did not reply to queries from the SunTeam for more than two days to confirm or deny this. There has recently been a lot of shock and anger over s.e.x videos filmed at schools in Mzansi.

And now, the most shocking video yet has gone viral, leaving people outraged. Civic group Forum 4 Service Delivery slammed the video, saying incidents like this and the recent murder of teacher Gadimang Mokolobate at a school near Zeerust, North West, show corporal punishment should be reinstated at schools.

Mzansi Students

Spokesman Elias Mogoru said they were also calling for unemployed parents to become SGB members so they could monitor kids at school every day.

“The government must at least pay a stipend to those parents so they can help principals and teachers regulate corporal punishment to create an environment where teaching and learning are given priority.

“One social worker should also be placed in each school,” he said. “We don’t believe in bringing security and police into schools. What needs to happen is that we should go back to basics, the traditional way of instilling discipline in our kids.

“We need to start dealing with the psychology of our children.” The SunTeam spoke to two teachers at Esokwazi Secondary School in Sebokeng, the Vaal. “Kids were not so disrespectful when they feared beatings. Ever since the law dismissed corporal punishment, pupils have done as the pleased,” said one teacher.

Another teacher said the government was exposing them to violence. “It’s sad how we can’t tell them anything because they turn to violence when you discipline them,” she said.

Source: Daily Sun