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Papa Penny’s love for Mama Nomi is goals – Viewers salute #PapaPennyAhee season finale

Papa Penny Ahee wrapped up another season on Thursday night and viewers cannot wait for another season.

It is quite hard to impress Mzansi especially when it comes to content in a lot of local reality shows. Papa Penny Ahee has been crowned the most authentic, non-scripted and relatable of them all and fans are disheartened to see this season end.

Despite the emotional roller coaster Papa Penny has put fans on, he was praised on social media for the love he gives to his wife Mama Nomi.

Since the beginning of this season, almost every week the flamboyant musician and performer Papa Penny has been labelled a toxic husband and father, who is still leading a life of patriarchy. However, the season finale saw a side viewers knew was there, but it was shown in abundance.

Last night they remembered their late son and had fans in tears. Here are the reactions:

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