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Netflix warns of major content cuts

A significant change from Netflix could jeopardize the availability of beloved shows and films in the UK. The popular streaming service has expressed concern over the potential need to remove certain content for British users due to the forthcoming Media Bill, which aims to regulate streaming companies like Netflix and Disney+ by subjecting them to the oversight of the existing TV watchdog, Ofcom.

Netflix executives have addressed the government with a letter, requesting “greater clarity” regarding the proposed regulations. The letter highlights the possibility that Netflix may be compelled to regularly withdraw content from its UK platform under the current provisions.

According to the letter, the extensive range and diverse selection of content offered by Netflix, which is typically regarded as a strength in providing British viewers with abundant choices, could also pose a compliance risk if it were to fall under Ofcom’s jurisdiction.

“Without considerably greater clarity around the scope and application of these provisions, it would inevitably be easier to remove content pre-emptively from our UK catalogue than risk an onerous compliance burden and potential liability.”

Netflix stopped short on revealing which shows would be in danger of facing the axe. Disney+ is also understood to have written to the government with their concerns about the new Bill.

The Media Bill’s draft was published online in March and details how streamers would have to comply with impartiality laws that broadcasters such as the BBC and ITV face.

Meanwhile, the days of sharing a Netflix account among friends and family are gone.

Netflix banned viewers who don’t live under the same roof as the primary account holder from streaming content last week – which has left some customers vowing to quit. But savvy tech users have adopted a ‘rules are made to be broken’ approach and have taken this on as a fresh challenge. In doing so, they believe they’ve come up with a way to get past the password sharing crackdown.

Source: The Sun

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