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One dead three injured in East Rand shooting

East Rand shooting

Gauteng: At 08H28 Friday morning Netcare 911 responded to reports of a shooting on Kingfisher Avenue in Freeway Park Boksburg.

Reports from the scene indicate that four occupants of a light motor vehicle had been shot.

Medics assessed and adult male driver who had sustained fatal injuries and was declared deceased on the scene.

Two children believed to be approximately 15-years-old had sustained serious injuries as well as a baby believed to be approximately a year old.

A Netcare 911 as well as Halo air ambulances airlifted two of the children to hospital.

The third child was rushed to the hospital privately.

Circumstances leading up to the incident will be investigated by the relevant authorities.

Shawn Herbst
Netcare 911
Shawn Herbst
Netcare 911 Media
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