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Ntsiki Mazwai’s tweets about Akhumzi Jezile sparks debate

Ntsiki Mazwai sparks a debate surrounding her latest tweet regarding Akhumzi Jezile. When it comes to issues of gender and sexuality it’s usually no one’s business what one is. So when Ntsiki Mazwai tweeted the tweet below regarding the late Akhumzi Jezile, it sent a lot of heads rolling.

Ntsiki Mazwai

Ntsiki tweet

Of course, the interpretations of the tweet came flooding in. Ranging from the logical…

To the more serious.

And even more serious.

Of course, people wouldn’t be blamed if they thought it was just Ntsiki being Ntsiki. One could look at it from the innocent side: she was probably referring to Akhumzi’s allyship and he was indeed a heterosexual male or the more serious side: her outing someone without their consent especially after their passing. Some people thought it was the latter.

What do you think was her intention with her ‘wording’ of the tweet? Even if it was open to interpretation, was it right to even plant the seed of possibility in people’s minds about Akhumzi when he couldn’t state facts for himself?

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