Home Entertainment Nomzamo Mbatha shares how she keeps things spicy with Maps: Videos

Nomzamo Mbatha shares how she keeps things spicy with Maps: Videos

Speaking to Dan Nicholls in an interview for his online show, Mbatha revealed that the secret to them going strong is the fact that they both keep so busy.

This young celebrity couple has been going strong for years so it’s safe to say that at this stage, they have the love thing figured out, which makes us wonder what their secret is…

Nomzamo Mbatha

“I mean it definitely helps. I don’t know how the WAGS do it with our fellow sportsmen… you know… but it just helps when both people in the relationship are equally busy so that we don’t fight,” explained Mbatha.

Can you believe the pair have been going strong for over 3 years? They have never really confirmed when they started dating but looking back on old footage, everything we thought about them back when we thought they were just co-stars seems a little different.

Like this interview in which they spoke about the movie they both starred in, Tell Me Sweet Something, and their favourite scenes. Nomzamo thought Maps’ favourite scene was the steamy bathtub scene where they were both topless but he denied this, stating that the fact that they were filming in the water for just over two hours caused his testicles to prune and they were subsequently painful for two days after that.

The pair also spoke about their first kiss, which happened on camera. Take a look:

And this one too, she really knows how to keep a relationship burning

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