Home Entertainment Natasha Thahane & Lasizwe shows Mzansi their perfect BFF moments

Natasha Thahane & Lasizwe shows Mzansi their perfect BFF moments

Natasha Thahane & Lasizwe

Natasha Thahane & Lasizwe! Lasizwe and Natasha are undoubtedly the biggest stars of their generation. Put them together and it’s a powerful, influential combination. Natasha and Lasizwe have become great friends and we love their perfect BFF moments on social media.

Natasha Thahane
Lasizwe confused a lot of people recently by posting a very affectionate picture of himself and actress Natasha Thahane. Lasizwe – a social media and YouTube star, also rocked a big hat that few people can pull off without looking ridiculous

Natasha Thahane
Lasizwe has left tweeps scratching their heads after he posted a series of pictures of him getting pretty cosy with actress, Natasha Thahane.

Natasha Thahane & Lasizwe

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After 13 years of playing David Genaro on Rhythm City, actor Jamie Bartlett says he feels relieved his character has come to an end. Over the years, viewers have watched Genaro go through different phases, difficulties, and emotions.

Jamie Bartlett

From being a cold-blooded killer to faking his own death and coming back as his “twin brother”, the character kept viewers glued for a very long time. Read more

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