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Jamie Bartlett AKA David Genaro says Goodbye to Rhythm City

Jamie Bartlett

Jamie Bartlett has other projects lined up, and unfortunately he will have to bid farewell to eTV’s Rhythm City. Thirteen years ago, lovers of all things soapies, were introduced to the trailblazing, Rhythm City on eTV. From the get-go, the show was a hit – with only the best actors gracing our screens. These actors impressively breathed life to their characters – of which some of them remain iconic.

Jamie Bartlett

One such character is that of the antagonistic David Genaro – portrayed by astute actor, Jamie Bartlett but after over a decade in the role, the 66-year-old actor has resigned from the popular soapie. He will serve his notice until 5 February 2020. One of the actors who preferred to stay anonymous, stated the following on Sunday Sun.

Jamie Bartlett


When you say action, he immediately switches from being sweet Jamie to being the mischievous David and I’ll miss him for that. Another colleague only had the most positive things to say about the talented Jamie.

Jamie Bartlett


He’s been there since RC started and really captivated his audience. He’s irreplaceable and we’ll truly miss him. The Rhythm City team is set to host an exclusive celebration, in honour of the work and impact that Jamie Bartlett has contributed to the show.

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