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In pics – Natasha Thahane and Pretty Ncayiyana are Mzansi’s favourite girls #FriendshipGoals

Natasha Thahane and Pretty Ncayiyana

First introduced to us as varsity best friends on popular TV series Skeem Saam, Natasha Thahane and Pretty Ncayiyana seem to have taken that relationship off screen. Often referring to themselves as each other’s #sidechicks, these are the many times these gorgeous ladies gave us #FriendshipGoals.

Natasha Thahane and Pretty Ncayiyana

Nathasha might have bid farewell to Skeem Saam but that hasn’t changed the friendships she’s made on the show. Whilst it’s more common to hear about catfights from behind the scenes, these couldn’t be any closer. We love the friendship Natasha and Pretty share outside of Skeem Saam.  Natasha Thahane and Pretty Ncayiyana were BFF goals.

Natasha Thahane

If it wasn’t for the massive love these two are always showing each other on social media, we would have never known they were #BFFs in real life.

Natasha Thahane

There’s no need for it to be a special day for Natasha and Pretty to show how much they love each other – one of them is bound to randomly post an image of the other on social media, telling the world how much she loves the other. This love runs real deep, family.

In other news – Boity Thulo shares what Nasty C said to Her

Boity Thulo has always been a big hip hop fan and many will recall videos of her rapping to her then boyfriend, Cassper Nyovest songs and later friend, Nasty C who she also featured on her debut single which was well received.

Boity Thulo

Whilst doing an interview on TshisaLive, Boity was asked what specifically made her decide to spit bars and the rapper said “There wasn’t a specific moment when I told myself I wanted to rap. I think it was when Nasty C called me and said, ‘I think there’s something there’, and I think there was a little shift that said, ‘maybe, actually. Read more


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