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Nandi Madida launches her website

Nandi Madida

South African musician, actress, producer and media personality, Nandi Madida is bathing in success this week. The African beauty has officially released her app “Nandi Madida” earlier on Wednesday and her song, “Say You Will”, is currently number one in the country.

Nandi Madida

Madida posted the news of her website nandimadidaofficial.com on her Instagram account. The interactive website gives visitors an inside look at who Madida is, including a bio, the projects she had worked on and currently working on, magazine covers, behind the scenes photographs.

Nandi Madida

Madida, who currently lives between Johannesburg and New York, rose to fame with her win as Miss Junior South Africa and followed that up with numerous wins at various regional and national dancing and singing talent shows into her early teens.

Queen Nefertiti Madida

Married to singer, Zakes Bantwini, she also has a fruitful singing career.
Her song “Skhanda Love” was also nominated for several music awards. The recently released song, Say You Will, in which she collaborates with rapper K.O again is currently at number one in the country.

Nandi Madida

Madida and K.O have also released a video of the song on YouTube. The video received more than 55000 views and 4500 likes in just a few hours since its release. It’s also currently receiving massive airplay on various radio stations. Aside from her buzzing music career, Madida had a flourishing TV career, since 2013. And last year, she hosted and executive produced a new television show called “Made in Africa”.

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