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State compiling a wide-ranging case against suspected crime boss Nafiz Modack

The state is starting to piece together a wide-ranging case against alleged underworld figure Nafiz Modack.

He was arrested after a high-speed chase in Century City last week along with Jacques Cronje and Ricardo Morgan and was charged in connection with an attempted hit on defence attorney William Booth.

They appeared in the Cape Town Magistrates court on Friday along with Zane Kilian, who’s also implicated in the attack on Booth and is charged in connection with the murder of detective Charl Kinnear.

The State has brought a long list of charges against suspected crime boss Modack.

One case is linked to the alleged extortion, kidnapping, and intimidation of a businessman in March last year.

He’s also implicated in the failed hit on Booth in April last year.

Three Woodstock based gangsters have been charged in connection with that attack and they entered plea and sentencing agreements with the State last month.

Kilian fits into the puzzle as the man accused of tracking Booth’s phone.

The off-the-books private investigator is charged with a similar offence in the murder of organized crime detective Kinnear.

Coincidently, Modack also faces a charge of conspiracy to commit murder for his alleged involvement in a failed hand grenade attack on Kinnear’s home in 2019.

Modack’s charge sheet further includes resisting arrest, reckless driving, and attempted murder as he tried to get away during his arrest.

At the same time, he’s facing corruption charges in the Bishop Lavis Magistrates Court. He appeared there this week alongside anti-gang unit police officer Ashley Tabisher who was his alleged informant.

Despite the allegations against Modack, supporters from various communities gathered outside the court.


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