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Former Muvhango actor Mutodi Neshehe attacks EX wife’s Male friend

Mutodi Neshehe

Reports in this week’s Sunday papers claim ex-Muvhango star Mutodi Neshehe is in hot water after he launched a verbal attack on a man who is believed to be friends with his ex-wife, Leslee Dalton. The split between Mutodi and Leslee has been far from smooth. We’ve seen the couple making all the wrong kinds of headlines on numerous occasions over the past few years and although it remains unclear if their divorce has been finalised, the estranged lovers are found themselves in the tabloids once again after Mutodi let his anger get the better of him.

According to a report in this weekend’s Sunday Sun, Mutodi barged into Lesley’s Honeydew home while she was hosting a friend by the name of Bongani. He then shouted at both Lesley and Bongani, and his anger boiled over to the point where he even damaged a television set worth R15,000… jeez!

Mutodi Neshehe
It was at this point that Lesley opened a case of Malicious Damage to Property at the Honeydew Police Station. Part of Lesley’s statement read, “The complainant alleged on 30 November at about 8.45pm she was at her place and her ex-husband, Mutodi, arrived and started insulting her and her friend, Bongani. He damaged her TV (not insured) to the value of R15 000.

Mutodi Neshehe

Mutodi, however, doesn’t seem to be afraid of the consequences and he has revealed that he’s willing to let the law decide what happens next. Lesley, meanwhile, appears to be convinced that her marriage can be saved.

She said, “We’re in the midst of getting help and hopefully it’ll fix our relationship and marriage. I don’t really know what happened, but it seemed he didn’t appreciate Bongani’s presence. What is the best way to deal with a jealous ex-lover?

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