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Somizi explains why No phones or cameras were allowed at #SomhaleWhiteWedding

When Mzansi found out Somizi and his hubby, Mohale, had asked wedding guests to leave their cellphones at the door, they weren’t too happy. As it turns out, the guests weren’t pleased either.

Somgaga shared that he and Mohale knew the “unplugged” part of their wedding would be unpopular with their celebrity guests, who share most of their lives on social media, but had just the thing to calm them down.

“When we decided to tell our wedding guests, via invites, that there will be no phones or cameras allowed beyond the venue gates, I’m sure most of them had a mini heart attack, thinking how they’re gonna get through the day without their phones,” Somizi told fans on Instagram at the weekend.

Somizi & Mohale

There were no real issues, because Somhale bought their guests cameras.

Talk about levels!

“We were also very considerate towards our guests as we gifted them with instant cameras to capture special memories for themselves. The venue was too exquisite for the guests not to take any pics,” Somizi said.

Somizi reasoned that in addition to the exclusivity they wanted to retain by asking guests to be “phoneless”, they also wanted to give everyone a chance to engage and enjoy the wedding.

“The main reason for that was so that people can engage with each other, can enjoy every moment with their naked eyes, but also for us as grooms to have exclusive privacy of our day until everyone can get to witness it on Showmax from the 24th February 2020.”


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Mihlali Ndamase

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