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Controversial blogger, Musa Khawula makes a comeback

Controversial celebrity blogger, Musa Khawula might have been a name that recently established himself as one of the most feared South African entertainment commentators. But his journey to notoriety is not one that has been easy. From being an elusive and faceless Twitter account, Khawula was then unmasked and dragged for filth by our Mzansi celebrities as a form of karma.

But back in September 2022, it seemed that his reign of terror had come to an end. This is as his original Twitter account which at the time had over 175 000 followers was suspended. The reason for the suspension was due to the account leaking the alleged nudes of Lulo Cafe while exposing his even more alleged affair.

Musa Khawula

Initially, Khawula had attempted to come back by using his backup Twitter account. But it seemed that tweeps were not biting as they used to on the blue app. His comeback on the app was not as successful as his first run on Twitter. As such, it seems that the alleged murder accused finally decided to focus his efforts on a different social media app.

Musa Khawula is back, but this is on YouTube

On Friday, 11 November 2022, Musa Khawula marked his formal return but this time on YouTube.

The first post on the red app was the formal introduction which he now uses on all his subsequent videos. His first official post was a video detailing the Sonia Booth debacle, which does not need any research as Sonia Booth has shared more than enough to produce quality content.

However, the one that grabbed people’s attention was his latest video which spoke primarily against who Khawula has dubbed “Bonang Lite” aka Lerato Kganyago. This time Khawula is alleging that Kganyago had an affair with her former Metro FM co-host Naked DJ rehashing a past forgotten headline story.

But it does not come as a surprise that Khawula would come for Kganyago as hard as he did as the pair has no love-lost between them. This comes after Kganyago went threat-for-threat with Khawula during his Twitter days when Khawula suggested that Kganyago does not own her luxury hotel, and in return Kganyago alleged that Khawula was paid to cyberbully her via the socials.

To make matters worse, Kganyago would suggest that due to the bullying by Khawula, it would result in her latest miscarriage. As such, Kganyogo was one of the ZAlebs which were happy to see his reign of terror come to an end.

But given how much his channel has grown, and promises to grow the more the public is aware of his comeback. It might be just a matter of time until Khawula loses interest in Kganyago and goes back to his usual targets which includes Moshe Ndiki and Mihlali Ndamase. This as the channel was sitting with over 5 000 subscribers when he posted his first video. However, now it has gone on to amass over 10 000 subscribers in two days. We can only assume that by the end of this week, he might very well have over 20 000 subscribers, if not more. A fact which can only affirm that he was missed on the entertainment streets.

musa khawula


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