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‘I love my wife’: Actor Sello Maake kaNcube tattoos Pearl’s name on his ring finger – Video

South African actor, Sello Maake kaNcube has taken his love for his wife to the next level as he tattoos her name on his ring finger.

The happily married couple got tattoos of each other’s names on their ring fingers.

Sello shared the news on Instagram as he shared video of how the tattoo went down.

“I’m going live shortly to give my wife her birthday present. Ning’xoleleni bafowethu ukudlis team. Women 10 / men 0. I finally gave in. True love is really blind and will drive you crazy!” said Sello before he sat to have the name “Pearl” etched into his skin.

Sello Maake kaNcube

Just as the actor’s fans were losing their marbles over Sello’s “brave” gesture, it turned out that wifey did the same for him.

“Yesterday marked 365 days to our official home affairs signature date and I got home to this wife of mine showing me this as a surprise. My name has replaced the ring! I have marked my territory! Now she has set up an appointment for me! Help good people!”

Watch the video below:

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