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MTN reveals it’s big network plans for 2021


MTN has invested heavily into its network over the past year, and it plans to continue doing so through in 2021.

“With major investment already made into strengthening and protecting its network infrastructure during 2020, MTN South Africa is again putting optimisation plans in place to ensure stability and high-quality network connectivity during the festive season – and working on strategies to enhance performance even further in 2021,” MTN said.

The mobile operator said it has identified major avenues for improving its network over the holiday season as well as for 2021.


“Looking ahead, major routes have been identified for network optimisation during the holiday season, with new base stations and technology upgrades deployed on selected 3G and LTE stations,” MTN said.

“Mobile base stations will also be deployed as required, where demand exceeds capacity.

Looking to 2021
“Plans for the new year include continuing the RAN/IP/TX modernisation programmes, participating in the High Demand Spectrum Auction, putting more focus on the newly established MVNO division and ramping up 5G deployment if successful in the auction,” said MTN Network Operations General manager Ernest Paul.

He added that the goal is to invest a total of €1 billion into the network, which equates to around R18.2 billion.

“The over-arching drive is to deliver a one-billion-euro investment in the entire network”.

MTN said the continued improvement of its network infrastructure will require significant investment and continued improvements.

“At MTN, it all starts with the network and there are no short cuts to the best network that is future-fit – it will require us to continue to invest so we are prepared for 5G, 4IR and the long 15-year wait for additional spectrum,” Paul said.

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