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MTN launches data usage rate service


MTN today implemented the data usage rate service which enables both prepaid and contract customers to monitor their usage history and the effective consumption rate of the last five bundles purchased in the last 30 days. This service can be accessed free of charge by dialling the zero-rated USSD *135# or by using the MTN App.

MTN customers will also be presented with an option to access the most affordable bundles based on their unique usage profile as well as information on other products and services to enable them to get the best value for money. Customers will dial *135# free from their phone. Customers can select the “Usage Rate” menu option where they will be presented with the following options.


Option 1: View their usage and effective rate for the last 5 bundles purchased in the current calendar month;

Option 2: View affordable bundles based on their unique usage profile; (takes you to purchase)

“The implementation of this service marks a big step in our efforts to enhance customer experience by offering them the ability review their data rates and their specific data usage,” says Jacqui O’Sullivan, Executive of Corporate Affairs: MTN SA. We are pleased to introduce this service as we believe that it will provide our customers with the information they need to make more informed decisions about their data consumption.

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