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Yanga Chief exposes how he was kicked out from Da L.E.S’s record label

Yanga Chief exposes how he was kicked out from Da L.E.S’s record label! Yanga has had a rather long journey in the music industry with his fare share of ups and downs.

He has moved from label to label over the year trying to find his way and through his description, his journey with Da L.E.S’s F2D seems to be the sweetest. The rapper was recently interviewed on Slikour On Life’s The Balcony were he revealed how he was dropped from F2D.

Yanga Chief and Da L.E.S

“The plan is that the album drops in June and F2D was like yo, no matter what happens this thing needs to drop. If we wanna keep up this run and this momentum and all the things we’ve been doing, these albums need to drop in June,” said Yanga explaining the terms he had at F2D.

He then went on to explain how it all came to an end because his album was not ready at the agreed-upon time. “Came June bra! I was like ‘Nah my album is not ready’ and they’re like ‘Nah if the album doesn’t come out we can’t continue,’” said Yanga.

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Ayanda Borotho is all about “straight talk”, and this time she’s dropping wisdom to young women about marriage, saying it should not be the ultimate accomplishment in their lives. The Isibaya actress believes marriage shouldn’t make people feel “imprisoned”, but should be more of a safe and liberating space in which people grow to be the best version of themselves.

Ayanda Borotho

Speaking to Move! magazine, Ayanda said: “What I know for sure is that marriage shouldn’t be bondage. Marriage should be a safe and liberating space where people grow to be their best version while honouring each other.” continue reading

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