Home Accidents Motorcyclist killed after slamming into truck

Motorcyclist killed after slamming into truck

Motorcyclist killed after slamming into truck

KwaZulu-Natal: At 20H30 Saturday night Netcare 911 responded to reports of a collision on Edmund Morewood Street in Tongaat North of Durban.

Motorcyclist killed after slamming into truck

Reports from the scene indicate that a motorcyclist slammed into a  truck that was parked across the road in order to reverse into a driveway.

Motorcyclist killed after slamming into truck

The patient, a 27-year-old male delivery driver was assessed on scene by a Netcare 911 Emergency Care Practitioner and found to have no signs of life and sadly declared deceased on the scene.

Source: Shawn Herbst, Media Liaison Officer, Netcare Limited, Netcare 911

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