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Moonchild Sanelly At War With Tweeps After Unsavoury’ Tweet

Singer and songwriter Moonchild Sanelly is at loggerheads with scores of tweeps following a viral video of a young mother forced to breastfeed. The battle of words comes after the same video has rubbed a number of people the wrong way yet the Yebo Teacher hitmaker does not share similar sentiments.

Moonchild Sanelly

A video that has since gone viral on social media of a young mother forced to breastfeed her baby has sparked a robust conversation. While tweeps have lambasted the young mother for being neglectful of her baby, Moonchild Sanelly’s different sentiments from the rest have landed her into hot water.

In her support of the young mother who is being forced to breastfeed her baby whilst intoxicated, a number of tweeps have found Moonchild Sanelly’s tweet rather unsavory, distasteful, and inflammatory. Sanelly proceeded to pose a question of the baby’s father’s whereabouts and that alone sent tweeps over the edge.

Moonchild Sanelly

“Where is the father??? That’s all I aks” wrote Moonchild Sanelly

Moonchild Sanelly’s character, personality, and music have since been under attack following her tweet. In her defense, her innocently asking about the father was merely a concern for extra support for the mother. This also could have meant that with the father’s help, he can buy the baby’s formula instead of the mother breastfeeding while inebriated.

“Moonchild, khozale so that you understand an infant stays with their mother to breastfeed. Hai kodwa nawe” wrote Mkay Mncedi

Sanelly did not take the tongue-lashing and insults lying down as she proceeded to lash out at the outraged tweeps.

“Nidom Ubisi luyathengiswa U are men who don’t even know that women can struggle to breastfeed hence ludayuswa ubisi Where is the father!!!” wrote Moonchild Sanelly


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