MoneyBagg Yo Gets New Tattoo Dedicated to Girlfriend Ari Fletcher

Moneybagg Yo has proven his love for Ari Fletcher is skin-deep by getting her first name tattooed on him — adding to his sprawling collection of ink across his body. Ari took to her Instagram Stories this week to post a photo and video of her boyfriend’s tattoo which reads: “Ariana” in cursive and sits behind his ear.

MoneyBagg Yo

The model has flirted with the idea of getting Moneybagg Yo’s name tattooed across her chest in the past, according to HotNewHipHop. “I’m going to get his name tatted right here so you hoes can know wassup,” she said back in 2021.

Check out Moneybagg Yo’s new ink below:

The new ink comes after the “Wockesha” rapper had to fight to get back on Ari Fletcher’s good side earlier this year after he got caught cheating.

The Memphis rapper sat down for an in-depth conversation with Angie Martinez in May for her IRL podcast. While affirming at the time that he and Ari are in a committed, monogamous relationship, Bagg broke down the challenges they’ve had to overcome.

“I’ve made mistakes. I’ve made poor decisions,” he began. “And that’s why I rock with her so tough, like – she’s helping me through the situation. I look at it like I was just being a n-gga and a n-gga that come from Memphis and my environment. That’s what I was used to. I had never been in a real relationship before. I had never been in a real relationship to where I’m talking to her all night, I’m checking in.”

MoneyBagg Yo

“It’s so new to me. It’s a big transition so of course I made some mistakes. You already know what I’m getting at with that. She ain’t take that well. And it got crazy too … It’s different when you have the person call them and try to tell them everything … That made it even worse for her. But I kept it g [and apologized].”

He continued: “I really come from a pure place when I say that. I apologized and I just wanted to work through it and get through it and she wit it and she helped me work through it. That’s why I rock with her so tough because it’s like … when I broke it all the way down to her, she understood me fully.”

Moneybagg Yo went on to sing Ari’s praises, admitting that it’s easy to fall into temptation on the road when you’re just looking for something quick. But, he said, those experiences have only made him appreciate Ari more.

MoneyBagg Yo

“I know she don’t 100 percent trust me but it is what it is,” he added. “I made that bed. I gotta lay in it. I take full accountability. I’m a man before anything but we working towards it. I can’t do anything but show her, keep showing her, show and prove, make her feel safe and wanted, and let her know that I’m here. You ain’t gon’ get that again.”

Source – HipHopDx