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Video: Armed robbers carry out money heist in movie-style

If someone was narrating this story and there was no CCTV footage to back it up, you would probably dismiss it as an action movie script.

A shocking robbery on three banks was reported in southeast Brazil when heavily armed robbers stormed the small city of Araçatuba.

The incidents left at least three people dead, police officials said on Monday.

New York Times reported that the mayor urged residents to stay home while police sought to defuse 14 makeshift bombs that were installed in the downtown area.

Videos posted on social media showed cars with hostages tied to the roof – a tactic to prevent cops from opening fire on the getaway cars.

The attack was the latest on the small city, carried out by large, well-trained groups of gunmen who have found it relatively easy to overwhelm local security forces while ransacking banks and businesses overnight.

“It was horrific,” mayor Dilador Borges said. In a TV interview, Borges said cops held their fire once they realised that robbers had tied passers-by to their cars.

Cops said at least 10 of the suspected gunmen were arrested, and that the three dead people included one attacker and two residents. However, it is not clear how much the gunmen managed to steal.

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