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Moana’s sister confirms she was pregnant as they fail to identify her body

Moana’s sister confirms she was 6 months pregnant as they fail to identify her body. The drama keeps getting more and more interesting as new details emerge every time this case is being looked at. The death of Ginimbi, Moana, Karim and Alichia has opened a can of worms for the victims excluding Alichia only.


These other three’s death has turned to reveal so much about themselves. With Ginimbi leading the pack followed by fitness bunny Moana and lastly Karim the Malawian who we have learnt that he was on the police’s most-wanted list after he had syphoned USD30million form the government of that country.


Ginimbi needs no introduction to controversies even when he was alive his life was full of such drama. It’s not a shock for us to hear these twisting and turning stories of him. From the political, social to the financial side of his life it was all controversy.

However, it is fitness bunny Mitchelle Moana Amuli ‘s saga that has really shocked us. We have learnt a lot of things we did not know about the bunny. She was a mother of one a girl named Kyra and she was a divorcee. Had a bit of problem with her father.

Moana Mimie

But this latest development has shocked all of us. It is said by her sister that the fitness bunny was 6-months pregnant with her fiancee who at the time of her death was in South Africa. She the sister Tatenda who is popularly known as Tatts revealed the news after it was reported that they are failing to identify the body of Moana due to the state of burns she sustained.

Moana and daughter Tyra

In the car that they died in, they were 2 boys and 2 girls all heading to Ginimbi’s house after wild night party celebrations. This has left so many questions unanswered and so much confusion on the case altogether. Check the video of the sister speaking the news.

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Source: Mbaretimes

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