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Did a man come between Boity and Khanya Mkangisa’s friendship?

Boity and Khanya Mkangisa

It seems that another celebrity friendship has come to a bitter end.
Boity Thulo and her one-time BFF Khanya Mkangisa have reportedly ended their friendship and it is all because of a man – allegedly!

The friends were once inseparable, attending events together, but they are rarely seen with each other these days.

In fact, it has been months since the besties were pictured together in public or even on Instagram.

Boity and Khanya Mkangisa

The most recent picture Khanya has of Boity on her IG is one from May 2018, when they celebrated Mother’s Day with their moms.
“@boity thank you for being the sweetheart that you are and treating our moms to a Mother’s Day mom-daughter dinner last night. You are appreciated,” Khanya captioned a picture with her BFF.

Boity and Khanya Mkangisa

Their friendship has always appeared solid, so why the sudden talk of trouble in friendship paradise?


Boity and Khanya Mkangisa

Boity’s new man, music video director Stanley Obiamalu S, is reportedly to blame.

Word on the street is that Khanya had a huge crush on Stanley but he was more into Boity.

Boity and Stanley’s relationship first came to light in July 2018 when sources spilled the beans about their blossoming romance to the Sowetan.

Boity and Khanya Mkangisa

Adding fuel to the flames is the fact that Boity and Khanya are no longer following each other on Instagram. But the final clue to the puzzle is a cryptic tweet that Khanya shared a few days before Christmas.

“RIP to the friendships that ended because of boys,” she posted.


We think there is more to the story than Khanya being upset about Stanley choosing Boity over her! Either way, all is clearly not well between the two former friends and their fans have also noticed.



Source: All4Women