Mistakes to Avoid When Starting A New Job

Searching for a job can be tasking. Most people put in so much effort in getting one and the excitement that comes with that offer letter is worth the effort put in most of the time. But then, the hard work should not stop with just getting a job as some people still make costly mistakes especially after they get a new job. If you do not want to be in this category, you should avoid some common mistakes when starting a new job.

Mistakes to avoid when starting a new job
Here are five common mistakes you should avoid when starting a new job:

1. Not asking questions
If you are resuming a new job, no one expects you to know everything, not even your employer. This means not asking enough questions will be setting yourself up for failure.

You should not be embarrassed to ask questions. Asking enough questions lets your colleagues and even your boss know that you are confident enough to ask for help. Hence ask as many questions as is needed.

2. Always talking about your previous job
Another common mistake most people make when starting a new job is continuously talking about their old job and sometimes making comparisons. It does not matter if your new job is better or worse. It is better to not speak negatively or even excessively about your old job as this sends the wrong message to your employer and even your new colleagues.

3. Keeping to yourself
Starting a new job can be overwhelming and intimidating. For most people, their first thought is usually to bury themselves in their assigned tasks and focus on that only. This is a common mistake to avoid when starting a new job.

If you are new, it is best to introduce yourself to your colleagues and try as much as possible to interact with them. These are people you’d likely be spending the next few months or years with and it is often better to establish a cordial relationship at the very start.

4. Receiving too many personal phone calls
Another common mistake most people make when starting a new job is receiving too many phone calls. You might have been out of a job for a while and used to making long unending calls during the day. This should not continue when you are starting a new job.

When you start a new job, it is time to separate your personal life from your work and avoid taking too many personal phone calls during office hours.
5. Ignoring corporate culture
Every workplace has its way of doing things. Sometimes it is how tasks are completed, team dinners, how meetings are conducted, unspoken rules, social events, etc. When starting a new job, try as much as possible to know the culture of your new workplace and try to adapt to it. Ignoring it will only make you feel left out and it is a common mistake most people make.

In conclusion, avoiding these common mistakes when starting a new job sets you on the right path to success.

Source – Fakazanews

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