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Heartbroken Mihlali Ndamase seeks relationship advice

Influencer Mihlali Ndamase took to her Twitter account to ask a question that has left many wondering who might have broken her heart. This comes barely days after she had just announced that she would never be desperate enough to use magic just to keep a man.

In the tweet, Mihlali asks tweeps how they trust someone that has hurt them before. Surely, her fans and fellow tweeps have joined in the conversation with many telling her what they would and would not do.

Twitter user @BonganiDumezulu started off by advising the influencer to understand and make peace with the fact that whoever hurt her is not perfect and neither is she as she probably hurt them too.

Another tweep jumped in the conversation to say that she should never trust whoever hurt her again and that she should leave men alone altogether. Do you agree?

The conversation has also seen tweeps who are advising Mihlali to take revenge on those who have hurt her by making them trust her so she can hurt them like they’ve hurt her.

For others, they are simply advising the influencer to stay strong, saying that people will always hurt you even those who promise to never will. Tweeps are also saying that trust is overrated and that one needs to get rid of the expectation so as to avoid getting hurt altogether. Here are some of the reactions

While many continue to ponder on who might have broken Mihlali’s trust, we cannot fail to acknowledge the many times this queen made headlines this year. It was not long ago that she finally took to her YouTube channel to explain why she had gotten lip fillers after much speculation from fans.

She said, “I honestly didn’t do them because of any insecurity about my lips or any insecurity about my face. In actual fact I honestly just wanted to achieve a fuller lip but I wanted it naturally. I love the bridge on full lips and I wanted that bridge so I thought let me just go and buy this bridge.”


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