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Megan Thee Stallion Releases Sexy New BOA Music Video

Megan Thee Stallion has aimed at her rivals on her new single “BOA” which arrives with a sexy video. Continuing the theme of snake-related song titles after “Hiss” and “Cobra,” “BOA” sees Megan asserting herself at the top of the rap game.

Megan Thee Stallion

On the track, which samples Gwen Stefani’s “What Are You Waiting For?”, she raps: “Bitches is bitter, they thought it was sweet/ All of a sudden they vegan, they don’t want beef/ Talkin’ outta veneers, I’m knockin’ out teeth.”

She also spits: “Bitches is messy but I’m petty/ Don’t gotta edit, check the Getty/ I keep it real, I keep it sexy/ Callin’ for backup before they address me/ Hoes do all of that typin’/ But never once did I get pressed.”

Megan, who was embroiled in a messy beef with Nicki Minaj earlier this year, also calls out her contemporaries who focus on making songs for TikTok.

“Bitch, your time up, why is you not clockin’ out?/ Doin’ shit for TikTok/ Bitch, I’m Hip Hop/ They all know my shit hot, ain’t listen when your shit drop/ All my diamonds dancin’, I ain’t need to make no TikTok,” she raps.

Another line goes: “All that fuckin’ talkin’ but let’s see who make a move/ Post a picture, bitches call me ‘Mother,’ now who’s Sonning who?”

Megan Thee Stallion

The video for “BOA” is also heavily inspired by retro video games, as well as the cult movie Scott Pilgrim vs the World and the iconic head-exploding scene from Scanners.

The flashy clip also sees Megan Thee Stallion in various provocative costumes including one where she is completely nude apart from thigh-high boots, a headpiece, and accessories covering her intimate parts.

The Houston Hottie also appears in animated form as a gaming avatar beating up her enemies. It is currently unclear whether “Boa” is a part of a new album, but Megan has been teasing the follow-up to 2022’s Traumazine for some time.

Megan Thee Stallion

Speaking to fans on Instagram Live in April, she hinted that her next LP will be around 14 songs and admitted she was struggling to settle on a sonic direction.

“I keep recording songs that are so good. Like, I will be in one mood one week and another the next week,” Megan said.

“I was like, ‘Damn, I need to rap my ass off.’ So the first 20 songs I had, I was just straight rapping. And then I started being in a better mood and I was recording feel-good songs.

Megan Thee Stallion

“And then I got in a ratchet mood ’cause you know it’s about to be summertime and we about to be outside, so then I started making some lil’ pop that ass music.”

Source – HipHopDx

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Black Thought is one of the most feared rappers alive (ask JAY-Z), but he doesn’t always need the power of his pen to scare off fellow MCs. During an appearance on the This Week in White Supremacy podcast, The Roots lyricist revealed that J. Cole once reached out to him about doing a joint album together, but Thought’s answer inadvertently caused the Dreamville rap star to back away.

Black Thought

“I don’t know the brother well, but he and I had talked about doing music together at one point. At the beginning of 2018, he hit me like, ‘Yo, let’s do an album,’” he recalled. Read more