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Court bid to overturn Jacob Zuma medical parole decision

Three organizations have launched a court bid to obtain the reasons for former president Jacob Zuma’s release on medical parole and have that decision set aside.

The DA, AfriForum, and the Helen Suzman Foundation have filed papers in the High Court in Pretoria to review Zuma’s release.

This after the Correctional Services National Commissioner Arthur Fraser admitted in an interview he released Zuma despite a report advising otherwise.

Fraser has declined to respond to the organizations, while the court is expected to set down a date at the end of next month for the hearing.

Source: eNCA

In other news – Somizi returns to choreography after a 2-year break – Video

Somizi announces return to choreographing with a beautiful video of himself being trained alongside other trainees.


According to the radio presenter, he took a break from dancing 2 years ago, and he’s back to serve some sizzling moves. “Day 1 of dance rehearsals after 2 years of taking a break from choreographing, it’s good to be back,” he captioned video. Learn More

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