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Mechanic needed urgently: APPLY NOW

Mechanic needed urgently: APPLY NOW

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This is a full-time on-site role for a MECHANIC. We are looking for a dedicated, consistent, and passionate automotive MECHANIC that takes pride in their work, as we at Chicanos pride ourselves on quality and perfection.

You be be required to carry out the following:


Vehicle Diagnosis and Repair:

Diagnose and repair mechanical issues in various vehicle systems.

Perform routine maintenance tasks to ensure vehicle reliability.

Adherence to Quality Standards:

Uphold stringent quality control standards throughout the repair process.

Inspect completed work to ensure it meets or exceeds established quality benchmarks.

Task Efficiency:

Complete repair tasks efficiently without compromising quality.

Minimize wastage of materials through careful handling and precise measurements.

Equipment Maintenance:

Ensure proper maintenance of tools and equipment.

Report any malfunctioning equipment to supervisors for prompt resolution.

Workplace Safety:

Adhere to safety protocols and guidelines while performing repair tasks.

Report any safety hazards or concerns to supervisors.

Team Collaboration:

Collaborate with other members of the automotive team to ensure seamless project execution.

Provide assistance to colleagues when needed.

Communicate effectively with team members and supervisors.

Report progress on repair projects and discuss any challenges encountered.

Target Adherence:

Adhere to set targets for completing repair assignments.

Notify supervisors in advance if there are challenges in meeting deadlines.

Honesty and Integrity:

Uphold high standards of honesty and integrity in all aspects of work.

Avoid theft, dishonest practices, and maintain a transparent work ethic.

Client Safety:

Prioritize client safety by ensuring all repairs meet or exceed safety standards.

Communicate effectively with clients regarding vehicle safety concerns.

General Company Responsibilities:

Adhere to general company policies, guidelines, and ethical standards.

Maintain a positive and cooperative attitude within the workplace.

Company and Client Property Safety:

Maintain the security of tools, equipment, and client vehicles.

Adhere to safety protocols to prevent damage to company and client property.

Report any safety hazards, damages, or theft promptly.

Job Type: Full-time. Apply Now