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What has MaZulu in store for Zandile?: #Imbewu


MaZulu’s welcoming actions towards Zandile have left many of us suspicious.

If one’s husband impregnates another woman, usually rage and resentment are emotions that would naturally arise, but that was not the case with Imbewu’s MaZulu when she found out that her husband, Ngcolosi had an affair and eventually impregnated his mistress, Zandile.

Staunch viewer’s of the show have been following the edgy storyline revolving MaZulu, Ngcolosi and Zandile. MaZulu has been quite understanding regarding the situation, especially for someone that has been betrayed by her husband.

In further twist of events, The matriarch of the Bhengu clan, MaNdlovu, suggested that Zandile should move in with them, just so they as a family could take “better care of her”. Still, in that scenario, MaZulu was shockingly understanding, but little did we know that her nonchalant behaviour was a facade and that she has a plan up her sleeve.

During last night’s episode of Imbewu, viewers witnessed MaZulu sneaking into Zandile’s bedroom, whereby she barely found anything sinister.

This latest stint from MaZulu now has her willing to leave in order to save her family and her marriage.

Tonight’s episode promises to be just as entertaining with regards to this riveting storyline.

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