Gracious finally catches Schumacher: #TheQueenMzansi

Things got heated on The Queen when Gracious finally ran out of patience with her cheating fiance.

We all knew it was coming, but we were not prepared for what we were about to see when Gracious (Rami Chuene) finally caught Schumacher — who had been cheating behind her back.

Our boy Schumacher wasn’t playing with fire; he was playing with fire, paraffin and lots of wood and when you do that you’re just asking to be burnt! The guy was seriously trying to date Gracious for the money while blatantly cheating behind her back — which is one thing, but the fact that he thought he wouldn’t get caught shows how shortsighted he is.

uButi’ Schumacher has been a man scorned ever since Gracious humiliated him by having her rich friends pretend to “invest” in his business. Since then, he has taken advantage of her desire to apologise by allowing her to shower him with gifts while he enjoys his action on the side.

As the weeks have gone by, Schumacher has been spending more and more time with Prince and the two have become really, um, close. When Prince asked him if he wasn’t worried about Gracious finding out, Schumacher claimed that there was no longer any love in their relationship and he didn’t care.

Unfortunately, he didn’t realise just how much his fiance would care. Not only has she spoiled him with a car, gifts, clothes and multiple other expensive luxuries but she’s driven herself crazy trying to figure out why her hubby-to-be was acting so distant. When she found a brochure in his cupboard to the iBhubesi Lodge, however, she felt as if there was still hope. He had gone to the effort of booking a romantic and special getaway and she would have the opportunity to finally mend things and focus on their love. She barely noticed as Schumacher coyly suggested that he had a business conference (or whatever he said it was) to attend in Limpopo that weekend. She finally had her man back and that was all that mattered!

This optimism lasted for exactly 10-on-screen minutes because on Friday when Prince came to visit, he accidentally showed her that he also had a brochure to the same lodge. Coincidence? I think not…

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The final straw came when Gracious begged Schumacher not to attend his “business conference” (or whatever he said it was) and he went into a sulk. What he didn’t realise is that she would go on to overhear him breaking the bad news to Prince on the phone. You just knew what was coming next didn’t you?

After a game of cat and mouse came to an end, Gracious exposed Schumacher by revealing everything she knew. From the affair with Prince to the lodge getaway and lots more… Schumacher was shocked beyond belief despite his attempts to play it cool.

This moment was one of the most talked about scenes on #TheQueenMzansi so far, check out what people had to say:


Do you feel like Schumacher got what he deserved?

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