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Mayor Makhubo lays out plans to ensure Joburg is able to withstand economic shocks

Geoff Makhubo

Joburg Mayor Geoff Makhubo said that they were working on ensuring that the city could withstand economic shocks in a robust manner following the devastation caused by the COVID19 pandemic.

Makhubo presented the State of the City Address on Tuesday and outlined several strategic priorities and programmes which would be taken to realize this goal.

The mayor said that the city had to respond to both the worrying state of its finances and the debilitating effects that came with COVID-19. During the Gauteng budget two months ago, it was announced that the economy shrunk by R80.9 billion from R1.1 trilllion in 2019 to R1 trillion in 2020.

This had an impact on Johannesburg as the country’s economic hub.

Makhubo said that the government’s task was to respond suitably to the challenges and ensure lasting effects on the daily lived experiences of residents.

Some of the mentioned priorities included sustainable service delivery.


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