Home Entertainment Manaka Ranaka explains why her kids won’t call her boyfriend step-dad

Manaka Ranaka explains why her kids won’t call her boyfriend step-dad

Manaka Ranaka

Popular Generations actress, Manaka Ranaka, has explained that her children won’t call her man ‘step-dad’. According to her, there is no ‘step’-anything in black culture, although she added that she stands to be corrected. Manaka Ranaka is considered one of the most relatable celebs in South Africa – she’s honest and candid and a talented actress to boot.

Manaka Ranaka

She recently found herself a new man, with whom she seems to be very happy. She is often sharing pictures of her and her man on social media to show her fans how happy she is. It’s always good to see our favourite celebs happy!

manaka ranaka

It sounds like her kids are accepting the new man as well, and Manaka doesn’t want them to call him ‘stepdad’.

Manaka Ranaka

According to the Mzansi actress, black culture has no such thing as a ‘step-parent’ or ‘step-child’. “In black culture, there’s no “step” mom/dad/child..! I do stand to be corrected.” Such a welcoming and loving approach to the relationship between partners and children is truly inspiring. We wonder if he will make it official.

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