Home Accidents Man severely wounded after assailants open fire on his car

Man severely wounded after assailants open fire on his car

Pietermaritzburg shoot

The car was travelling on the M13 towards Pietermaritzburg when it was fired upon

A man in his 40s was seriously wounded when he was shot by unknown assailants, leading to him losing control of his car and crashing, also injuring his passenger, while they were travelling on the M13 towards Pietermaritzburg before Richmond Road In Pinetown at about 9.30pm on Saturday night, paramedics said.

Rescue Care paramedics arrived on the scene to find the car on top of the Armco road barrier, Rescue Care MD Garrith Jamieson said on Sunday.

The driver had sustained a gunshot wound to his leg and was in a serious condition. He and his injured passenger were stabilised on the scene by paramedics before both were transported to a nearby hospital for the further care that they required.

The events leading up to the shooting were unknown at this stage, but South African Police Service officers attended the scene and were investigating, Jamieson said.

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