Home Accidents Man falls down water inspection drain while attending a crash

Man falls down water inspection drain while attending a crash

Man falls down into water inspection drain

Gauteng: At 21H39 Sunday night Netcare 911 responded to reports of a collision on Adcock Street in Tshepisong Soweto.

Medics found that two vehicles were involved in a collision where one person sustained minor injuries and was treated on scene and transported by ambulance to the hospital.

man falls into drain

While at the scene a towing operator climbed out his vehicle falling approximately five meters down a water inspection pipe located next to his car door which had one of its covers missing.

This drew the attention of emergency personnel on the scene who rushed to his aid.

man falls into drain

A private service paramedic and rescue technician was lowered to assess the patient who was found to have sustained serious injuries.

The patient was treated and stabilised by an Emergency Care Practitioner and with the use of spinal immobilization equipment and a rope system was brought to the surface where treatment continued.

man falls into drain

Due to the nature of the man’s injuries, a Netcare 911 helicopter ambulance was activated to airlift the patient to a specialist facility for the care he required.

Shawn Herbst
Media Liaison Officer
Netcare Limited
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