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Man beaten for his Vosho Dance Moves

Beaten at Tavern

This young man is a popular dancer at Kasi taverns. But on Sunday, the man called “Mr Vosho” nearly lost his life.

Jealous men allegedly beat him to a pulp near a tavern in Mangaung’s Phase 6 Kasi, Free State.

A patron at the tavern said the 26-year-old man knew most of the dances and other men were jealous of him when he performed.

“But many people enjoyed his moves.”

He said that before the man was moered, he had been doing the vosho move.

Beaten at Tavern

“Women were impressed and they joined him on the dance floor,” said the customer.

“Some women were even saying they would leave with him when the tavern closed for the day.

“But the men were not happy to hear that.

“After a few hours I was shocked when one of my friends told me Mr Vosho was found lying in a pool of blood in the street.”

The patron said Mr Vosho was also robbed and stripped naked.

A resident who lives near the tavern told the People’s Paper: “I heard dogs barking but I didn’t go out because I thought it was rival gangs fighting.

“It was only after a few hours that my kids and I went out to investigate.

“We found a man beaten to a pulp.

“He was bleeding heavily and half-na.ked.

“We called the cops and an ambulance.

“The man was taken to the hospital.”

Police spokeswoman Sergeant Ikobeng Hlubi said the man was taken to the local hospital for treatment.

She said the victim should open a case after being discharged from the hospital.

Source: Daily Sun