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Magosha fears for her v@gina as more clients with big pen!ses keep coming

Magosha crying

All she wanted was to get more clients. But she now has bigger problems. This is because instead of the sangoma helping her get more clients, she now gets clients with giant 4-5s.

“My very first client had the biggest 4-5 I’d ever seen,”

The woman (45) from Springs in Ekurhuleni told Daily Sun she’s been a magosha for four years and business was slow.

So she visited a sangoma in Joburg last year to attract more clients.

The sangoma prepared a bath for her with some muthi.

“There were a lot of things in that water and she convinced me I’d see changes in the business within a week,” she said.

“I was happy. I have three kids and other family members to feed and an improvement would have been nice.”

She said after taking the bath she was given something to burn at her workplace. But things didn’t turn out the way she’d expected.

“My very first client had the biggest 4-5 I’d ever seen,” she said.

“He explained that his wife couldn’t stand it and they only poked once in a while.”

She said they poked and she hoped to never see such again.

However, every client since then had a giant 4-5.

“It’s painful because I can’t even work every day like I used to,” she said.

“I now need to take at least two days off before I go back to work.

“I don’t even make the money that I used to make. Things went from bad to worse.”

The woman said she went back to the sangoma, but there was a new shop where the sangoma used to be.

“I got so mad. I asked around if anyone knew her, but only one person knew her.

It was futile because that person didn’t even have the sangoma’s number.”

Her sister, who’s been a sangoma for seven years, said she also tried to help but none of her muthi could break the curse.

“I tried my best. We’ll keep looking, but honestly things haven’t been easy as I also need to help her with her finances,” she said.

Daily Sun spoke to gobela Joseph Dungamanzi, who said the sangoma gave her the wrong muthi.

“I know about muthi and it’s usually used by women who have a problem attracting men with small 4-5s,” said Dungamanzi.

“I’ll help her get rid of this. It will only take a month.”

-Daily Sun

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