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MacOS Monterey release date: Apple launches its new OS today

Apple says that MacOS Monterey has launched and is available to download. The latest version of MacOS offers new features that help Mac users connect with other Apple devices to work between them. MacOS Monterey has been accessible via a public beta in recent months and is now ready for all users on compatible devices.

It features support for “Shared With You” in Messages, grouped tabs that can be accessed across Apple devices in Mac’s default web browser Safari, and the Live Text feature lets you copy, paste, and translate text in images.

The Photos app can provide information about animals, landmarks, artworks, plants, and other items using the Visual Lookup feature.

The new OS adds the AirPlay feature to Macs, allowing users to use their Mac as a speaker for multi-room audio. Like Apple’s iOS 15 (and 15.1), the new MacOS features spatial audio and voice isolation in FaceTime. Apple will support SharePlay and Universal Control on MacOS Monterey later this year.

SharePlay allows users to share music, TV shows, movies, and more to watch with friends and family while connected on FaceTime. Universal Control will enable users to control multiple Apple devices, including Macs, Macbooks, and iPads, with the same mouse and keyboard.

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