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Woman lucky to be alive as her love for beer saves her from house fire started by jealous boyfriend

Asandiswa believes she would have been dead if she wasn’t out drinking. “The shack was set alight with petrol or paraffin and not just matches,” she said.

“If I wasn’t out boozing I’d have been dead!”

Asandiswa Jalajala’s shack in Khayamandi, Stellenbosch, was petrol- bombed, allegedly by her boyfriend, at midnight on Friday.

Asandiswa (33) said her jealous lover had threatened to burn and kill her a week earlier. She showed the publication Facebook screenshots where he threatens her.

On his Facebook page, he wrote: “Zamtshisa nendlu uzova nyan.” This means: “I will burn her in her shack and you’ll hear about it.”

“Someone saw him doing it. He came and knocked on the door in the middle of the night. When I didn’t open he thought I was with someone and was ignoring him. I wasn’t at home.”

She said everything was destroyed in the fire. She’s left with only the clothes she was wearing when she went out with friends to go and booze.

“The way my shack burnt down he didn’t just use matches. It was probably paraffin or petrol. He wanted to make sure I died in that shack.”

Asandiswa’s friend and neighbour Nthabiseng Phomani (42) said when the boyfriend posted on Facebook he wanted to burn Asandiswa’s shack, she commented he was going to set their place on fire as well.

It was her neighbours who called her to rush home because her shack was on fire.

“He came to my inbox and said I shouldn’t tell anyone but he wants to fix Asandiswa. I told him he already posted it on open social media.”

On his Facebook page, he wrote: “Zamtshisa nendlu uzova nyan.” This means: “I will burn her in her shack and you’ll hear about it.”

Asandiswa said she’d get a protection order. After the incident the boyfriend denied that it was him, but social media users reminded him he’d promised to burn the shack earlier.

The man’s number has been unavailable since yesterday, but he wrote on Facebook that he’s not the one who burnt the shack.

“Friends zam ningathuki xa bona gama lam libizwa kakubi. Kodwa mna andenzanganto. Zange ndatshisa hoki tuu.”

This means: “My friends, don’t be shocked when you see my name being dragged in the mud. I didn’t do anything. I didn’t burn the shack.”

Captain Frederick van Wyk told the SunTeam an arson case was opened but no arrests had been made yet as cops were still investigating.

-daily sun

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